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March 21 2015


HDMI Matrix Switch - Your Wise Choice for Home Theater

Hdmi switch
These days, it's normal for a family notably those home theater enthusiasts to have several HDMI sources, like blu-ray DVD player, PS3 video game player, setup carton and much more. With so many HD sources, most families would purchase more or 2 HD Displays for convenient sharing. The HDMI splitters will duplicate your HD source and exhibit the same High Definition source on the High Definition screens. In this event, HDMI matrix will be a great solution for systems with double or multiple sources and screens for example high end home theaters.

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The "HDMI matrix switch" disperses multiple HD references to various outputs simultaneously. The working system looks like matrix: the "HDMI matrix switcher" allows any input signal to be routed to any output signal; or the same input to be routed to any or all outputs or some blend. It completely gets rid of the need to continuously move around video input and output cables, and is excellent for creating an awesome and inspirational multimedia experience or simply letting multiple members of the family the liberty to see from whatever source they choose on their own screen. And there are two alternatives available for you: "4X2 HDMI matrix" and "4X4 HDMI matrix".

Since HDMI matrix works as a mixture of HDMI splitter and HDMI switch, to get an HDMI matrix is really a pretty good deal - economical and strong.

Now the newly-released "3D version 4X2 HDMI matrix" can support 3D software like 3D DVD films and 3D video games. Subsequently the "3D 4x2 HDMI matrix" is a fantastic option you had not miss.

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